Africa Green Connect

Developed by Africakilowatt, Africa Green Connect is a self-managed online portal designed to bring developers, EPC/O&M Contractors, financiers, and service providers together to develop and implement renewable energy solutions across Africa. If you operate in the renewable sector in Africa or intend to do so, this is your
chance to collaborate with others to execute renewable energy solutions. Africa Green Portal operates in a self-directed manner. It is designed to be a green directory, facilitate transactions, and capture transactional activities across Africa. Browse this renewable energy marketplace in one place. Advertise and search for renewable energy-related opportunities through a single portal.

Kingsley Osei
Founder || LLB || LLM
  A United States-based attorney specializing in procurement law, bond finance of capital construction projects and project finance of renewable energy projects. He also advises his client on energy management and planning. In connection with this, he works with an electricity rate intervening consortium on utility rate making matters before the New York State Independent System Operator (NYISO) and New York State Public Service Commission. Previously, he was counsel with the Volta River Authority in Ghana where he advised the electric utility on the construction and operation of hydroelectric and thermal plants.